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At Guayabas, we all get together with one purpose - to make every small business owner thrive. We know the difficulty of promoting one's business, finding the right marketing strategies, or even the fund to help it grow. That is why we have developed a website that provides a space for business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, consumers, and investors to come together, and support one another. Because that is what we do in Guayabas, we connect amazing people.

Why "Guayabas"?

Because, why not?! We love the guava fruit and it reminds us of growing up in Puerto Rico. The guava is common on the island but, unfortunately, it is hard to find in the diaspora. Their unique flavor also makes them an incredible cooking ingredient. Nothing screams home more than a combination of mangoes, acerolas, pineapple, papaya, soursop, quenepas (kenepa), banana, and GUAVAS! 

HOW does it work?

The way you navigate our website will depend on whether you are a business owner, a consumer, an aspiring entrepreneur or investor. 

If you are a small business owner, you can submit your business's information through a fillable form so it appears on our directory. However, the post will not be made public until one of our Guayabas team member performs a quality control. As a business owner, you will also have a chance to have your business featured on our webpage for an extra fee or find an investor to help fund your business's growth (both features coming soon!). And, nonetheless, you can also announce open positions in your business - simply fill our a form and it will be posted immediately under our Jobs page.

If you are a consumer, you will want to be quickly led to our directory where all businesses that have been published thus far will be showcased or you might want to see what's new in our Blog Verde, where we will highlight businesses every week. 

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you can check out the different resources that we have put together and will continue to do so, so you can start your own business in Puerto Rico. 

If you an are investor, you will not only be able to see our directory but also have access to pitches from business owners that need the economic support to improve or grow their business.

Use the menu at the top of the page or the menu below to be redirected to one of our areas.

Luscious Palm Leaves

POST your business to see it on our directory.

Search our DIRECTORY for local small businesses. 

Blog Verde and get inspired.

PROMOTE your business.

LEARN how you can start a business in Puerto Rico.

Who are we?

We are young people born and raised on the Island with a genuine desire to help and support local businesses, as well as future entrepreneurs.

We want to serve Puerto Rico by offering a space where entrepreneurs can (1) share their products, (2) read interactive guides to create and run their business, (3) promote their business, and (4) highlight their success. We believe that EVERY entrepreneur should have access to an easy-to-use, fun, and free platform to share their unique products with local and international communities.


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